The Alien Heritage

7 05 2008

So Shakira’s a genius, no, really. At least that’s what Y-Speak claimed two weeks ago. Shortly after viewing that program, I googled her (“google” being a formal word now). It seems that her IQ’s 140, only proving that she has more superior intelligence than most of us. But come on, who would buy that?

Since the “Promil” days, I have despised those kids with violins, pianos, cellos, paintbrushes, etc. The commercial implied (or still implies) that milk can make kids healthier and brighter when in fact it can aggravate autism. Skeptical? Click here.

For instance, let’s say that a kid has never touched a piano in his life, perhaps because of financial incapability, how on earth could he be a piano genius? On the other hand, a rich brat, three years of age, owns a grand piano at his tender youth and attends piano lessons. When this brat plays the sonata, his mom brags about her son’s “giftedness.” Darn! He had a piano and attended lessons, how could he not be good at playing it?! Do you get the logic here? Just come to think of this, if every Filipino received musical instruments and free lessons when we were kids, then all of us would be good at it. We’d all be “gifted.” If my parents bought me a violin when I was 5, then I would have probably been better than that toddler on the Promil ad.

Have you seen Shaira Luna now? Of course you know her. Hakhak. She took 5 (or 6) degrees in college only to not have a diploma at all.

God bless delinquency.

Everyone thought that she’d be the youngest doctor, given that she was the youngest student to enter La Salle at age 13-if my memory serves me right. I bet her parents wanted to grapple their valued daughter when she finally snapped off due to nRT/V, I mean pressure.

You’ve probably heard of the youngest UP alumna, Mikaela Irene Fudolig. Ever wondered how she got into college at such a young age of 11? Well it seems that she was a lab rat. The UP people (or maybe just one person) told her that if she agreed to be disembodied, have her brain mechanically disrupted, and experimented upon by some scientists (exaggeration is interposed) she’d be accepted in the university. She concurred, and thus her saga started.

Too bad there is an age limit for her most presumable job, teaching. She has to be 18 first. She is most likely to enter a graduate school.

Apparently, you are thinking that I’m just a jealous and bitter kid who hates people that are more intellectual than he is–maybe that is true. It doesn’t matter, I have my own blog now.

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