Alas, He’s Human

20 08 2008

True love stories never have endings.

READ: The quote has totally nothing to do with this post—and you thought this entry was about love.


Okay so let’s start. First, forgive me for being notably lazyerm, I mean busy. School is still my primary priority (alliteration unintended); blogging just comes next. I’ll try to post as regularly as I can. But do not fret my fellow extra-terrestrial beings; our term break is on the week after next. And that means more time in the blogosphere, YEHEY! Hakhak.

I just heard the Kiko news. So Francis Magalona has leukemia. So what?


Not that I don’t care. Of course, it’s very depressing. But the thing is, WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS (though I claim to be an alien) and WE ALL DIE. Just think about how many more Filipinos suffer the same condition. Consider those young kids who suffer similar or even worse cases. At least he has a chance of survival, those conjoined and deformed infants don’t. He is darn lucky.

The media magnifies the issue because he is a celebrity. But if the one needing blood transfer is a homeless beggar, would you share your blood?

I do not have anything personal against the Master Rapper. It just so happens that I am not a fan of uncontrolled births, and he has, what, gazillion children? Hakhak. Okay, so he only has 8 kids. Come on. That is just foul. But then again, it may just be my alien culture.

I have obviously run out of sensible things to say. Again, I apologize.

Too much school + no blogging = wasted teenage kid.


I will wish in general. I hope everyone with leukemia gets well, not just some media-frantic dude.


Forgive the alien if in any way he has offended you.



Good Night and Good Luck

6 08 2008

I am wasted.

The exam on Friday is rewiring my nerves.

Okay, so what have I been doing these past few sunsets? CONTESTS.

For one, there is The 3rd Philippine Graphic Fiction Awards. For a chance to meet and greet THE Neil Gaiman, writing a 7, 000-word prose fiction is a piece of cake. Well, actually it isn’t. I’m bombarded with loads of school-crap, leaving me with no time to start writing. The cash prize is an astounding 100, 000 pesos! So please do me this small favor and DO NOT JOIN. Please?

In addition to which is stated above, this would be my chance to have my opus printed in a national digest. That is, if I win against gazillions of hopefuls that obsess and salivate for the Ultimate Comic God.


The other competition, well kind of, is the Ateneo National Writers’ Workshop. What are the chances of me being chosen as one of the twelve receivers of the fellowship of the ring? Hakhak. No, seriously, the chosen dozen [rhyme unintended] are called FELLOWS.

I need three short stories; I’ll recycle one from my high school works so I only have to write two more. If you have any topics or ideas in mind, do share it with me. Trust me, it would be highly appreciated. This workshop is what I’ve been waiting for [all of my life, hakhak]. This is the step I need to initiate my Creative Writing journey. [May ganun?]

Anyhow, the deadline for the Ateneo-thing is September 8, that leaves me with just about a month to create and submit my literary creations. Waaaaahhhh!


And again, if you have some weird concepts, post it here people! For if not, I’ll push the Planet Annihilation Button hidden somewhere here in Manila. [Next to my spaceship, of course.]