DOTA for a Brighter Future

30 07 2008

I don’t play World of Warcraft. In fact, I have not yet played any computer game in my life—ever.

Coming from a 17 year-old guy, this is hard to believe. Seriously, who have not yet played DotA?

Isn’t it obvious now that I am really an alien?

Ironic as it may seem, I have invariably been an advocate of computer gaming. The math wizards in my high school class have always been the ones urgent to go home [by home I mean computer shop] to play Counter Strike or Battle Realms, because DotA was not as popular then as it is now. So judging from the types of people who play computer games [e.g. college professors, dean’s listers, fishball vendors], the public assumption of “gaming freaks failing their academics” is seemingly inapplicable.

Okay, so why don’t I play DotA? Given the resources [e.g. PC, fast internet connection, game installer] I should be using my precious time in a killing spree of all-star bliss. [Okay, I just made that up, hakhak]. I do not play the game NOT because I’m scared of flunking my subjects. Back in high school I kind of vowed, to some extent, never to play computer games, just to maintain a unique perspective of the issue concerning the negative [kuno] effects of computer games to my schoolmates. Other than that, I am also a very poor child that could not afford the 20/hour rate of internet cafés at that time.

Game addiction still fades in comparison with having a boyfriend or girlfriend [or both] with regard to causing student failure.

Gaming is creating a virtual YOU then killing other virtual people—which certainly has no difference with blogging.


If ever a student experiences a decline in his grades, he shouldn’t blame his friends for introducing DotA in his life; he should blame himself because he didn’t balance his virtual and real lives. [B.I. kung B.I. ah.]


I doubt studies have been conducted to test whether gaming is really a cause of bad grades. But if there are any, inform me.

The reason why I am writing this now is because I may be failing in school soon, too. I am about to break my principle. Tomorrow I’ll be installing Warcraft. I have read basic DotA tutorials, so I may be ready. Who knows? I may become more strategically adept than you are. I wish this post maintains my sanity after I play my first game.

Hakhak. May ganun?

elyens bid gudlak



Mama Don’t Preach

20 07 2008

My mom is corrupt.

For about a decade now, my ermats has worked for the Department of Social Welfare and Development, that’s DSWD for Christ’s sake. They are the ones who respond to those filthy government-hating squatters who, like puppies, come wagging their tails when storms flood their homes.

People hate you when you work for the deviI mean, President or her associates. Everyone, including close friends, begin to lose trust, thinking that you are indeed working for The Devil. The typecast kills—erm, or maybe not.

The thing is, every time a typhoon hits Cavite, gazillions of goods (i.e. rice, noodles, canned stuff, etc.) need to be packed and delivered to poor people who are either homeless or drowning in accumulated urine, I mean rainwater. An oversupply of those goods always occurs. Since my mom is a Social Worker, she’s one of the few who does the packaging and delivery. And of course, she gets to bring home the extra sacks (yes, sackS—as in plural) of rice, noodles and canned sardines. [Not to mention the bond papers, yellow pads, and ball pens she brings home everyday.]

Even the simplest people bend towards the wicked. And if I were God, corruption would be something I’d hinder. Of course and then some…

God complex, I have none. [Hakhak, I love this wordplay.] But if I could play Almighty for a day these are the things I would do:

1. Destroy the Ateneo—In my wildest dreams, I imagine myself inside the Ateneo campus, incognito, carrying an explosive and anytime, ready for a suicide bombing delight. Hakhak. It’s a joke. [Or is it?] Well the point is, education is so overrated. If you graduated from college, does it secure vantage in life? No, it doesn’t.

That is why I’d like to make education inexistent, or superexistent (if such exists). Meaning, everyone will have fair knowledge. No one knows more than the other. Thus, no one can brag to be a genius.

In short, I will Disprove the Genius.


2. Annihilate Banco de Oro—Money, money, everywhere, but no money to spend.

Those coins and paper bills are objects I love and loathe at the same time. I love it when I have them, hate it when I’m broke—just like everyone else. So, if I had the power to do so, I would erase money from the depleting face of the earth.

No money=No crimes.

3. Make Piggy Banks From Politicians—I’d love to see corrupt people as piggy banks. Just imagine, they’re face down, naked, a hole in their backs serve as a coin slot. Just like a piggy bank. Why? I don’t know. Just for fun maybe.

4. Dispatch Animal Abusers—Out of all people, I hate animal abusers the most.

I do not have a pet but I am into equality. It’s cheesy, but I believe that every living creature has a right to live. I’m not vegan but I am planning to be one.

It would be my profound pleasure to view these unforgivable sinners inside cages and/or being chased by lions in a field.

And last but not the least…

5. Burn Bullies at Stakes—If there was a part of my life that I want to forget, that would be high school.

Whoever said that high school is the best part of life hasn’t gone to TNCHS. It’s like hell, squared!


I am a train wreck right now. My self-confidence is currently at the zero level. My social life, too, is inexistent. And I owe it all to those effin’ bullies.

I’ll put them at separate stakes and slowly burn them, until it reaches their faces. As they burn, their skins melt. Large boils form in their faces. They‘re screaming for help. No one answers. There are people. The people just stare at them. Laughing. Enjoying the scene. Then laughing again. Alas, their bodies rescind. Their hearts stop beating. They’re dead. They’re ashes anyway, so nobody cares. Enough of the morbidity, it gives me chills [Eeeeh.].


In real life, I’m not this radical. I ‘m just stoked from my math assignment. I wish I was god so that math would not exist at all. Hey wait, that’s the point of this post.

May we be superheroes or average humanoids, we have dreamed of being superior, of having more, of taking control of everything. We have indeed been infected by the god complex once or twice in our lives. But we live in non-fiction. Everything’s real. Every day is a new challenge, a new chance to say “I wish I was God.”

But the truth is, we can all be Almighty. We can’t just wait for Morgan Freeman to pop-up and say “I’m God, and guess what, I’m giving you my powers.” Move now.



This is my entry to the Blog Challenge 05: Almighty For A Day


Taft Guys Wear Green

19 07 2008

Sure, I’m no La Sallian—or whatever they call themselves, but I will be in CSB on September 6. [Had I given up my scholarship, I would be studying there anyway.]


Plans of transferring, I have none. It’s just that  WordPress’ WordCamp Philippines 2008 is going to be held there. I’ll definitely attend, you should, too!


It’s a chance to peek into the faces behind our WordPress pals’ avatars. I saw Kevin’s post in PinoyTeens today so I registered pronto.


WordCamp Philippines 2008 is made possible by Mindanao Bloggers in cooperation with:




elyens wil bi der





Disappointing the Audience

8 07 2008


I am in utmost bliss today. But sorry to disappoint the wagging tails out there, this post has nothing to do with sex or breastfeeding.


My day was so weird. I woke up at 2 in the morning. Since I was so bored and could not sleep anymore, I thought of blogging. So I did blog, and then batopik popped up in YM with a buzz. So we talked for some time then the internet connection died. I just prepared for and went to school per usual.


At school, I thought I was just imagining when I felt the building shook. What I did was to look around and see if somebody else felt it. Luckily, I was not hallucinating. Someone near me told his friend that he felt the earthquake, too.


But that is not the reason of my happiness.


So before my first class, the editor-in-chief of The Processor, which is the publication of the engineers at Asia Pacific College, brought me one of the best news I’ve heard in my life.


“You’re the managing editor.”


That was simply music to my ears. Being a new managing editor (the managing editor is the third in command, of course, next to associate editor and editor-in-chief)brings me closer and closer to my dream of becoming a professional writer. By professional, I mean earning from it. I mean come on; I know I can put that in my resume or something.



Honestly, I am running out of ideas. So if you have something interesting inside your grey matter that you want me to write about, post it here.


If you want to exchange links, I am more than willing to do so.


Anyhow, I’m sorry if you expected something more from the inner eroticist in me. Hakhak.



Those Lips That Love’s Own Hand Did Make

5 07 2008

I moaned as I softly harassed her breasts.


She wiped my lips for I was drooling. She stroked my chest to comfort me, to momentarily retard my thirst. Intensely anxious to engage in whatever we were doing, she instinctively disrobed. She lifted her shirt. The only covering she had left was her bra, so she unhooked it.


She was now nude from hips up, chest exposed.


At that instant, I knew what to do. She gently groaned as I sucked her nipples. They were warm—as always. It was intuition, as if I was born to do it. It felt like I was draining milk from her bosom with too much gusto.


But she enjoyed it.


After a while, I released the breasts from my grip. I fell asleep. At last my craving was satisfied.


She was aware that I was fulfilled. And that for her is the ultimate orgasm.




You probably pictured the text above as a display of lust. But in fact if you read it again, you’d realize that you might be mistaken. This could be interpreted as an infant being breastfed. The story is a deconstruction, parts are left to the reader’s imagination.

The idea is not original, though. I borrowed it from Kelly’s D.E.N.S.E.C.I.T.Y.” blog. [Thanks Kelly!] Since I liked (in fact ‘loved’) her post, I wrote my version. It’s much more personal since it’s written in a first person form.

Wala lang. Hakhak.