1 06 2008

Religion is such a nice subject to argue about. No one is really more right than the other because it is just faith. And faith is merely based upon beliefs–no physical evidence to back it up. A religious debate is almost like a philosophical tiff. One side starts with a statement about saviors, the other one fights back with a verse. They could go on for three days nabbing each other with words, but in the end, nobody wins.

Pretty senseless, huh?

I do not have a religion, if it is a specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects. I refuse to conform into an ensemble of ethics that people before me have devised. “Ooh, he’s a devil, he does not have a God!,” you might think of me right now. But just to make it clear, I am not an atheist. I do believe in a glorious unseen (hehe, banda), I just don’t have a religion.

People like me are called deists. Deism is the belief in the existence of a God on the evidence of reason and nature only, with rejection of supernatural revelation, as opposed to you (yes, you reader) who’s most probably a theist. Theism is the belief in one God as the creator and ruler of the universe, without rejection of revelation, meaning, you believe in the bible–something we do not have in common. [Deism and Theism are NOT religions, these are just terms merely to specify someone’s take on the existence of God. Just like Male and Female, terms to specify the set of organs you have.]

Alright, the bible is a very good piece of literature, perhaps the best, but I doubt its historical accuracy. It’s in Hebrew for god’s sake, there’s a gazillion of words in the original scriptures. The English and Filipino versions we all might have read most probably have century-old typos.

Anyways, whatever. Hakhak. The classes start tomorrow so I better get ready for that.


I forgot how to derive and integrate, and our first class tomorrow is Differential Equation, which is completely reliant to differential and integral calculus–both of which I’ve already taken out of my grey matter.


I am totally panicking. I have electronics and engineering subjects this term, and I hate electronics and anything engineering–which brings about the question “Why in the first place did I have to take up Electronics and Communications Engineering?”

I have to buy my supplies now, so ba-bye!





11 responses

1 06 2008

hahaha! i am an atheist..
actually i do not believe in the bible.. everytime i read it, it seems that my perceptions on some things are changing.. something more to the negative effect.. ewan.. ang weird nga eh.. basta ung mga masasama eh, parang nagiging tama..

yay. kami din may finacc na bukas.. kinakabahan nga ako kasi inanod na ng bagyo lahat ng napag-aralan ko don eh. hahaha! adik pa naman titser namin doon. rawrrr!

1 06 2008

hahahaha!!! magaling magaling magaling!
mas madali sa wordpress..
edit mu na yung subtitle mu.
ilagay mu.. “elyen ako. ikaw, elyen ka ba?”
ahahaha!!! XP

may huhulaan ako.. globe broadband ba ang plan niu?
hahaha!!! x]

1 06 2008

oo. atheist ako ngayon.. bukas hindi na.. hahaha! wla. masama ang loob ko sa mundo ngayon.. tskk! nagtatampo lang ako sa Diyos. ahahaha!

across the universe? hndi pa.. diba kanta yun ng beatles. maganda daw un eh.. pero alang nagpapahiram saken ng plaka eh. hakhak.

anu na gagamitin mo? wordpress o .tk?

1 06 2008

maganda mga kanta ng bitols. :]
isa sa mga peborit song ko yang across the universe kasi nakakagaan ng pakiramdam..

tnatamad ako manood sa internet eh, ambagal kasi magload dito samen. badtrip itong globe broadband na eto! ung i am sam nga ndi ko pa din tapos eh. hahaha!

1 06 2008

hahaha! ayan na nga. ang galing!!!
hitsurang wordpress pero ang domain eh .tk..

ayus lang ean..
auku din ng math pero kelangan eh..

pag di ko na talaga kaya. papakamatay na ako.

1 06 2008

hahaha! parang bibo ka. makulit din siguro. Nice 🙂
padalaw ha.

2 06 2008
simpleng pagong

waw, deism papuntang elektroniks at com eng! anlayo ng tinalon mo ah. deism? andami nang -isms sa mundo ah! haha.. sana may -ism para sa mga simpleng pagong. nyahahaha.. so maniniwala ka lang sa diyos kung magpapakita sya sayo? waw, tinext ko sya, sabi nya busy daw sya. dasal ka na lang daw para chika kayo. stey simpol, stey pagong. n_n

2 06 2008

hahaha! Guiprog namin ngaun.. ang tagal ng prof. ahahahahahahhaah!!!

2 06 2008
22 06 2008

pretty senseless.. ndi den
nobody wins, nobody loses… point is, faith and beliefs are all individualistic, makakaya mo lang magargue tska i-defend ung point mo pero u can never force anyone to believe in the same thing you do, unless willing ung tao 😛 masaya lang magexchange ng insights without judging 😀
calculus is a royal pain in da ass haha tsaga lang sa practice masasanay ka den

30 08 2008

narrow minded people thinks im evil or something just because of my Deists point of view… that makes up about 90 to 95% people i know… funny isnt it?

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