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7 05 2008

So Shakira’s a genius, no, really. At least that’s what Y-Speak claimed two weeks ago. Shortly after viewing that program, I googled her (“google” being a formal word now). It seems that her IQ’s 140, only proving that she has more superior intelligence than most of us. But come on, who would buy that?

Since the “Promil” days, I have despised those kids with violins, pianos, cellos, paintbrushes, etc. The commercial implied (or still implies) that milk can make kids healthier and brighter when in fact it can aggravate autism. Skeptical? Click here.

For instance, let’s say that a kid has never touched a piano in his life, perhaps because of financial incapability, how on earth could he be a piano genius? On the other hand, a rich brat, three years of age, owns a grand piano at his tender youth and attends piano lessons. When this brat plays the sonata, his mom brags about her son’s “giftedness.” Darn! He had a piano and attended lessons, how could he not be good at playing it?! Do you get the logic here? Just come to think of this, if every Filipino received musical instruments and free lessons when we were kids, then all of us would be good at it. We’d all be “gifted.” If my parents bought me a violin when I was 5, then I would have probably been better than that toddler on the Promil ad.

Have you seen Shaira Luna now? Of course you know her. Hakhak. She took 5 (or 6) degrees in college only to not have a diploma at all.

God bless delinquency.

Everyone thought that she’d be the youngest doctor, given that she was the youngest student to enter La Salle at age 13-if my memory serves me right. I bet her parents wanted to grapple their valued daughter when she finally snapped off due to nRT/V, I mean pressure.

You’ve probably heard of the youngest UP alumna, Mikaela Irene Fudolig. Ever wondered how she got into college at such a young age of 11? Well it seems that she was a lab rat. The UP people (or maybe just one person) told her that if she agreed to be disembodied, have her brain mechanically disrupted, and experimented upon by some scientists (exaggeration is interposed) she’d be accepted in the university. She concurred, and thus her saga started.

Too bad there is an age limit for her most presumable job, teaching. She has to be 18 first. She is most likely to enter a graduate school.

Apparently, you are thinking that I’m just a jealous and bitter kid who hates people that are more intellectual than he is–maybe that is true. It doesn’t matter, I have my own blog now.

Kindly comment if you have time.







18 responses

25 05 2008

Shakira? the one who sang underneath my clothes? lol. i understand it’s a typo…tooot. hehe.. XP

Promil is not really good.. try Bonakid! ahahaha!*breastmilk is best for babies up to two years* ahahahaha!! XP

i got your point, but let’s be real.. there are really people who have these extremely high IQs since they were thrust into this world…

well, it doesn’t matter, though…
you already have your first comment!
yey! cheese burger! XD

dumugo ang ilong ni batopik.

29 05 2008

new post/s please.. XD

29 05 2008

uu. kilala mu aku..
aku ung ksama ni jonah nung enrolment..
magpost ka na ng entry mu..
wala akong kakilalang nagbblog sa skul eh.. ikaw lang.. hehehe.. XP

29 05 2008

hala.. hndi.. inadd n kita s prenster. uuuii.. sikreto lang natin ung nasa blog ko ah…ung nabasa mu dun na kachorbahan. please? thank you. hehehe..

oh magpost ka na ng bagong entry..

20 06 2008

For a half-of-a-split-second, i thought that last bit was “comment if you hate me.” LOL


uu nga no, ngaun ku lng den naisip un



21 06 2008

hola! so ur blog got my attention kaya i figured i should start givin comments on ur first blog onwards 😀
ndi halatang bitter ka sa mga binasagang ‘gifted’ ha pero i get ur point just that u’re a smart guy, wag kang papadala sa mga commercials full of crap dahil they’re just ads nothin more. all their products (milk) contain lactose and calcium which obviously help with our bodily functions so generally they’re all the same besides the fact that their products contain other chemical bullshit na sa totoo lang pinapawalangbisa ung calcium (they don’t advertise that piece of info btw). Tsaka pano naman ung mga lactose-intolerant na tulad ko, wala na bang pagasang maging gifted haha
basically we all have this built-in learning package, kaya matututunan naten ung kahit anong gusto in a manner of speaking, un lang we tend to spend a lot of time figuring out what we really want rather than what other people want us to do 😛
but u prolly know this awreddy
u’re a good observer, sometimes it pays not to be biased sometimes 😀
good read btw

ui tenks por da bisit

buti naman po at naaprisiyeyt niu ung mga artikols ko di2


tama yan, meron di nga akong mild lactose intolerance eh, kya galit din ako sa gatas



22 06 2008

wala yan sa iniinom mo nung bata ka pa… pag nagtrabaho ka na, kanya-kanyang diskarte na ‘yan.



5 07 2008

naiintindihan ko ‘yung pinagdadaanang nRT/V nu’ng Shaira. (ung featured ba sa Correspondents??) andame-dame kacng expectations ‘tong mga gurong ‘di alam ang tunay na kakayahan ng isang estudyante. minsan, ina-underestimate ka. minsan naman, masyado mataas expectations. ano ka? superhuman?? ang gusto kong kurso fine arts o journalism o kahit ano’ng walang masyadong trabaho after college tapos gusto ng mga ‘rents n maging CPA o lawyer atbp ako? un, sabi ko doktor na lang mas “poolfeeling”. ta’s ayaw nila un. edi un.. ang gulo-gulo ng UPCAT form. pake nila. pinalitan ko naman bago ko ipasa. *bwahaha* ba’t ba nagkukwento na ‘ko. wala akong masabihang taong makakaintindi sa skul eh. kaya kung sinoman ang nakakaintindi nito, apir tau..~ (P. S. dito na lang ako sa blog-blogs, ‘yoko na gumawa ng assignments..kokopyahin lang naman ng mga klasmeyts eh. para walang assignment ang buong klase. AYOS!)

5 07 2008

at oo, jealous din ako sa kanila. except sa maagang pagpunta ng kolehiyo

31 08 2008
Miho the Explorer

Shakira? Yung singer? Genius? What? Nagulat ako dun. I thought mali yung basa ko sa ‘Shakira’. Binasa ko ulit 😛 Yun parin. Meaning si Shakira na singer tlaga un? Gurabeh!

Totoo ba ung tungkol kay Mikaela? Sinabihan tlga xa ng taga-UP? Pumayag naman siya? Wah. Baka naman joke lng yun.

Nung na-accelerate ako at di na nagdanas ng Nursery at Kinder, akala ko ako na ang pinaka-weird na tao/mumu/zombie sa mundo. (Weird pa daw eh noh? :P)

25 10 2008

Yeah.:] I totally agree with you. I never had a chance to have any formal lessons at all for violin. Sigh. I got sooo jealous specially with the commercial showing this little girl..if I can remember , Ira Alexis Aclan, a violin prodigy. I saw her play in a concert in CCP accompanied with a WHOLE orchestra. She played so good…better than anyone her age. She plays the violin the way you would expect a person triple her age would play. Her promil commercial was so far from how she really plays. Mainly because there’s a director telling her what to do..haha. I’m soooo jealous!!!! But I’m sure she didn’t get her talent through that milk! =))

28 10 2008

А чё, неплохо.

20 11 2008

ako pala unang commentator mo. hakhak!

ang shunga ko. Shakira pala talaga yun. ngaun ko lang nabasa ng maigi. ang labo kasi ng mata ko eh. haha. *palusot

Sabi ni sir magbutay, habang buntis ka daw dapat madaming isda ang kinakain para mas tumalino yung sanggol sa sinapupunan. <—kabulol

Hakhak. kaya pag buntis ka na ramon, kumain ka ng sandamukal na sardinas at salmon para tumalino at maging henyo ang anak mo hakhak. tipid na, tatalino pa anak mo. haha! joke lang. sempre yung pres pish, yung di na niluluto deretso tyan na. hakhak. joke lang ulit. alam mu na yun. wala lang. wala lang akong magawa. hakhakhak! last na ito.

Ilang beses nagamit ang salitang FUMBLING sa blog na ito?

18 02 2009

I’m a huge fan of Ira Alexis Aclan “The Gifted Child” too! She’s SUCH A GENIUS! Haha. I saw her play before and it was totally jaw-dropping! She’s really a great child prodigy! Too bad I can’t afford to have violin lessons too.

18 02 2009


6 07 2009

I dont think that you are jealous or bitter. We think the same. That some genius will not be called one if he or she was not exposed or trained when he/she was a child. They probably luckier than the others because they got money. Luckier than me too, since my family could not afford me to buy an organ or piano even i do badly want to learn playing it.

26 10 2009

Being a genius is a combination of genes and environmental stimuli. It is not with the size of brain or what you are best in. A person reaches a superior status or even becomes a genius if their brain is able to maintain as much connection with each neuron in the brain, which serves as their innate database which they can pull up anytime they need it.

14 06 2012

your just a sad, angry, pathetic little person who thinks hes as smart as those people mentioned who never had the chance to be like them..

congratulations you have your own blog..yeah that makes you better than them..hak hak…pity

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